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The BWP Overview

Hello, welcome to the or what we love to call the BWP. The BWP is a portal, implying that it first offers search functionality and then a bunch of other services that make it easier for you, our audience to find what they are seeking. If a search tool is not leading the site, the site is not a portal.

Everything for Black People

Unlike mainstream portal sites that offer everything for everybody, the BWP is a bit different. Why? Well, we focus on serving Black people of African descent in the United States and throughout the planet. In 2013 our game plan is to focus on the continental USA and take the site to new heights.

From East to West and North to South

In the meantime, our focus in on America: from Seattle, Washington to the Florida Keys and from Bangor, Maine to the most southern part of San Diego, California.

Solid Technology Platform

Via services built on dynamic code like Cold Fusion MX 8 and Web 2.0 technologies like XML, RSS, CSS, and AJAX we plan to take the site to the next level. Data sourcing will be via our own SQL Server 2008 repositories and occasional mySQL usage.

For products and services we absolutely do not offer and want to offer we will have partner services integrated seamlessly into our own infrastructure.

The bottom line is that we appreciate your patronage and will do our best to deliver a service that empowers you to know more, do more, and in some cases, earn more.

With Respect,
Robert Rucker
Founder, the