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The Vision

Without a vision a person, or a people can get trapped in the same old progress limiting lifestyle that limits growth and prosperity.

Without vision, a community's potential is squelched and the dreams of its members are stunted.

The exist to release that potential and to help Black people Realize the Dream.


The First Black Senators and Representatives From Reconstruction In the patchwork framework that has formed in America since 1865, African-Americans have continually endeavored to own their slice of the American dream. The BlackWebPortal provides essential contact resources and organizational structure to assist in the growth of these American dreams.

So ... Imagine if you will African-Americans driving from Atlanta to Seattle stopping along the highway at African-American businesses.

Imagine too, that if your child goes to college, they can pop right on their web-enabled cell phone and use the BWP B-Yellow pages to locate a Black barbershop near the campus .. without walking around.

Finally, when all the churches signup, you can find a place of worship and find the Black restaurant that can fulfill your dining needs. Imagine the loss for firms like Cracker Barrel and Denny's that have been known to discriminate against Blacks on occasion.

Just imagine.

This vision is being realized by the and its suite of services. The sitemap will give you the breadth of our services.