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You Need Customers ...

Our Listing Services Pull Them In!


To strengthen your business, you need to a revenue stream to bring profit and prosperity to your business. With a strong revenue base your can pay yourself, your employees, and grow your business.

However, without customers, it is very hard to sell your goods and services. That is where the listing services come in.

The has been specifically built to support Small and Medium sized businesses (SMB) that specifically target customers in and from the Black community in the American diaspora.

Thus, if you want to purchase services that drive in customers and won't dig deep into your wallet, the is your trustworthy choice for business services.

Thus, if you are targeting Watts or Compton from Los Angeles, CA, North St. Louis MO or East St. Louis IL, Paramore in Orlando FL, or even West Philadelphia PA, we are the place to be. We also support the thousands of other Black communities and those Blacks in mixed communities not mentioned here. So you need to sell something to the Black community we are first and best place to start. Here is how you do it:

We Sell Web Site Listings

If you have a web site and you only want folks to be redirected to it, then on Google-like search engine is the place for you. This engine is small (about 9,000 entries) and is designed that way to limit the results to a specific set of Black results. If particular entries are not found, we do suggest other resources but our first job is to server the Black client and what better way than to limit the result set. The cost, only $11.95 per entry. Read about it.

We Sell Yellow Page Listings

Our Yellow Pages are the best Black Business Pages on the Internet and we are about to make that known to everyone. Sometimes we think of our pages as Multipages since they provide both the webmaster and brick-n-mortar shops alike an equivalent look. This is the place where you want to combine your web site information, business location, pictures and descriptions of products you sell, etc. to your potential client. We even have a timer that will allow visitors to land at your BWP page while spawning (your option) your actual homepage. This product is our A-listed product and hits all the populated Black centers around the United States. The cost, only $109.95 for a WHOLE year of SERVICE. Read about it.