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Pre-April 09 Status
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  • As of 03/31/09
  • we finally have 90% of the site restored. We have 50% of the templates covered with error checking and will have the staff do the logical error checking on April 1st. By the end of April 1st all publicized should be uniform, have advertising, and have full error checks. The sames goes for the administration side. Thus far, 13 solid applications or areas are complete. We still have about 2 weeks to go to send our site through a full system test, so we better keep to the task.
  • As of 03/17/09 most of the site has been restored and the implementation of the security layer begins. Security will be implementation on the client side and server side. In addition, the database shall be protected.
  • As of 03/15/09 began the routines of updating the headlines, freelance, and buzz zone sections daily. In this way the site can continue to review and enhance the offering.
  • As of 03/14/09 the business services (web listings, yellow pages, and classifieds) have been restored for browsing only. These services will be available after 03/30/09 only after a thorough security vetting has been performed. If the security assessment does not pass, the business services shall not be offered.
  • As of 03/13/09 the web site structure has been brought back online enough for each section to be browsed through. Users can browse history, freelance, head lines, buzz zone, calendar, forums, daily word, services, and the gallery. Users can actually use the forums but new members will not be accepted until Monday, 03/23/09. Items such as the guest book and games shall not return.