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BWP Press
A Resume Service That Will Deliver Your Press Release to Black Media Outlets

We've always had the data, but now we are prepared to share it with you at an affordable price. For $99.95 dollars, we can and will get your press release to every Black newspaper and television station around the country. If you've ever tried to get your PR to these outlets you know what sort of difficulty it can be.

All of our deliveries are via email. We do not Fax-Blast deliveries.

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In addition to getting your information to the above outlets, we also publish your Press Release in our Wire Service and it gets listed in our weekly eZine.

PR Process

Getting your PR published is as easy as 1-2-3. Turn-around time is 24 hours.
  1. Submit your press release
  2. Pay $99.95
  3. An E-mail verifying your purchase

Due Dilligence

The client is responsible for the content that is contained in their press release. Thus, the client should perform due dilligience when it comes to verifying misspellings, addresses, and other pertinent information. We do not accept checks in any form at this time. You may utilize our 100% Verisign approved eCommerce server to make your purchase.


We shall contact you to make sure that all details are attended to.

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