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What Good is a Press Release if Nobody Sees it!

Press Releases

A lot of people write press releases and they call newspaper after newspaper trying to get the editor to publish their entry. However, what editors know that the person calling doesn't know it that editor's want to publish newsworthy entries that their customers will want to read. After all, it is noteworthy news that sells newspapers (and drives up web site popularity).

However, given that the newspaper is a magnet for readers editors usually offer for a fee, packages that you can buy to get your PR in their paper. If the circulation is huge (like the Philadelphia Inquirer or Washington Post) then the fee will be in the thousands and may not get read behind the so-called important sports and political news of the day. Next up, you may advertise in you local newspaper but there is no way to guarantee that anyone outside of the small publication would read it.

The best way to get your release out is into the hands of many editors thus bettering your chance of getting get PR published. The cost to get your PR into the hands of at minimum 179 Black newspaper editors is $99.95 Payable via We also publish your PR on our web site and publish it in our next cycle of our popular newsletter. We are holding the price to $99.95 per usage until May 1, 2008

Placement in our online eZine

Our eZine is 100% user opt-in through direct registration and our email account holders. In April, most Gallery registrants will have to opt into the newsletter to get to the most of the photos. Thus, if you want to get to this audience it will cost you $99.95 payable via to reach this 16,000 user audience.