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Promoting Your Media - April 13, 2009

[Under Construction]

You Have the Collateral, We Have the Audience

Do You Have DVDs or CDs to Market?

Simply put, your assets on our site is the promotion. There are no deals to work out, no big contracts, just your money for the mailing, and the CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, Mugs, Trips, Underwear, or anything else we agree to barter for the deal. Since each item will be shipped priority, we shall require at least $7.00 per item that is exchanged. We can even include your promotional material in the mailing if you choose to do so.

Our management and staff will have the final say so on what is exchanged. Plus, we have the final say-so on what items get associated with what product we offer. The bottom line the offering is a win-win for both parties.

The Cool Points

We currently attract 210,000 visitors a month. Plus, we have a eZine that goes to 13,000 of our people. With contest, we will build on those numbers while promoting your product to our niche. We are ranked in the top 40 of all Black sites. All you have to do is check it out.

How We Market Your Item

At the BWP we will pair all products being promoted with onsite applications like our forums, newswire, eZines, Celebrity Galleries and more. We also have periodic surveys and contest that we will associate your product. All items will have homepage or Celebrity Gallery linkages during their run.

Our Basic Requirements

  1. That if you are a Fortune 1000 firm or company over $100,000,000 per year, we do expect a generous helping of your assets. For example, let's say your the Paramount Company, we expect to acquire some superb current hits or cult favorites (Star Trek) that strike a chord with our audience. If Paramount's park is operating, and we choose to target Virginia, then tickets to Kings Dominion Park may be part of the deal. The bottom line is that pairing your assets with our services is a win-win partnership.
  2. That if your firm is a small business with employees in the 1-500 person range, we shall limit the assets to 25 to 50 CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, puzzles, etc., and will still require your firm to cover shipping cost of the items.
For media, that is the program.

Book Promotions

If you have a book that may appeal to our 210,000 a month and growing audience and would like exposure to it, we can work a similar deal with you. Most of the books will be used in conjunction with the marketing material you may have in place, and we have the tools to package web sites, locations, events into a cohesive message. At a minimum we'll need 50 copies of a specific book and the appropriate fulfillment check or PayPal advancement.


Robert Rucker
CEO & Cofounder,
Orlando, Florida, USA

We are a part time business, so please call and leave a detailed message. We return calls the same day.

Note, this is a startup service. We reserve the right to change the parameters of the promotional package.