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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, thank you for stopping by the BWP, We are quite sure that you will be back time and time again to utilize this huge repository of Black information!

This site is a conglomeration of Content, Community, and Commerce components and thus is a window, or portal, to Black information that you can use.

  • The Content we provide comes from our staff, our freelance authors, and guest contributors.
  • The community components bring in ideas from our forums, our guest book, and emailings to our webmaster account. The result is an engaging mix of serious freelance and whimsical supposition.
  • The Commerce component consist of the tools that Black business owners need to make money: Yellow Pages, Web Listings, Classfied Advertising, Press Release forwarding, and Newsletter insertions.

We put this mix together in a straight forward format that allows viewers to drill down deep into what they are trying to find. If we don't have the bit of information that you need we then provide ample ways to reach back into majority information tools to continue your search.

But our goal is to be your root and branches to the rest of the diaspora.


Our demographic numbers are a combination of survey responses taken between March 1 and April 30th 2007 and recent trends from our

Analysis Data Goes Here


  1. Are you wondering why we have so many new business, web, and classified listings?
    • We drive traffic to your site by supplying superior content to visitors.

  2. I want to make this site my homepage!
    • Just click this LINK to make us your homepage.

  3. I am new to the and want to know what this site is all about.
    • Good question! This site has been designed to be your window (a portal) into Black information on the web and on the street. Thus, this site will become the premiere cyberspace location of choice for visitors to find (Black) web sites, business listings, classifieds, press releases, freelance articles, national headlines, discussions, events, and more.

  4. I want to advertise my business. How do I do it? How much does it cost (click)?
    • We have a yellow page application you can use to advertise your business local to you (see states) and nationally (homepage and yellow page site).

  5. How do I list in your yellow pages?
    • The process is painless! Just read the web page about the Yellow Page service and select the package that fulfills your needs. The yellow page application accepts both address information and web site information (cool).

  6. I want to list my web site. How do I do it? How much does it cost (click)?
    • Once again, the process of registering is painless! Just read the web page about the Web listing service and proceed to choose a category that fits your web site/

  7. Are there other services I can buy?
    • Yes, we have classified listings, press releases, and newsletter insertions. Just click on the links to learn more about each service.

  8. How do you get this data about Black web sites, businesses, etcetera.
    • The gets web listings, yellow pages, classified, and press releases from paying clients from all 50 states of the USA. The BWP also allows the free posting of events, freelance articles (partner agreements only), guest book entries.

  9. How is all of that data managed?
    • Every site application has a web based administration screen.

  10., I like what you're doing, but why is your site so simply designed? (Users ask, where are the colors, graphics, and multimedia!)
    • The site has been initially designed with minimal graphics to emphasize the textual information versus the visuals. Via this approach users that visit the site concentrate on the consumption of Black information and data than visual cues.

  11. Does the plan to improve the user experience at their site?
    • Yes, during the funded stage of our development. From February 1 to March 31, we are in stage 1, the Initiation Stage. From Apri1 1 to June 15, we are in the Remediation Stage. From June 16 to October 30th, we are in the Funding Acquisition stage. Thus, the textual based site will be around at least until October 1, 2007.

  12., why don't you have any multimedia on your site?
    • During the prefunded stage we are saving money and thus are saving money on bandwidth consumption.