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Hello. Thanks for visiting our Contact Us page. Please use the request zones below to reach the appropriate department.

Before contacting us, please read our policy on Affiliate Programs, Partnerships, Collaboration, and Link Exchanges.

If you have a press release use our PR Service to get your news exposed.

Do Business With Us! Major Advertisers Only
Click here only if you plan to do mid-ranged (Yellow Pages, Web Listing, etc.) monetary transaction with us. Be sure to leave the name of the Contact Person, an active e-mail address, and your phone number. Are you a large firm like (examples) Disney, AT&T, or Bally's and want to use our site as a way to reach a more informed African-American market? Please fill out This form.
Listing Services Advertise With Us
dba: KemNet Technologies, Inc.
4250 ALAFAYA TRAIL, Suite 212 No. 329
Orlando, FL 32765
Voice: 305-433-7794
Primary URL:

Advertising and Listing Inquiries

Before calling about advertising, please take the time to review our online service sheets. We currently sell:


  • Yellow Pages: Are a FLAT $109.95 per year.
  • Web Listings: Are a FLAT $11.95. With a max of 7 UPDATES.


  • Press Releases: Price is TO BE ESTABLISHED and goes to 178 media outlets, our 13,000+ member eZine audience, and gets posted online.
  • eZine Insertions: Price is being defined and will go to our 13,000+ member eZine audience