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About Us

Rooted in the Sunshine State of Florida, we operate out of virtual facilities in Orlando and Somerset, New Jersey. Our Vision: to be comprehensive in our delivery. Our Mission: to strengthen the communication lines throughout our communities by building both unity and prosperity.

What makes the BWP different is that we are a real Black firm and not a corporate knockoff like most of the other top African American web sites out there. No, there is no radio show full of jokes and jibes, and now, we don't have that hip hop beat backing up our site. What we do have is information. Gigabytes of information on Black web sites, businesses, news, discussions, actors, actresses, historical figures, and more.

What the BWP means to our audience is the freedom to know their community coast to coast. Via the BWP you will be informed of the goings on in Philly, St. Louis, Richmond, Orlando, LA, NYC, Motor City, and more. In addition, we reach the Black rural areas in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri (aka, Sikeston, MO or St. James, MO). In the BWP world, the happenings at a Bill Pickett Rodeo will be just as relevant as a Lil' Wayne concert!

Our community is more than the view portrayed in the media. No, the Black community in America is made up of a myriad of living lifestyles (urban, suburban, rural), religious backgrounds (christianity, islam, judaism, many more), life concerns (going to school, getting a job, getting married), and more. The bottom line is that we are a varied group and the BWP will represent our differences.

Thus, in March 2009 get ready for our return. In March the entire site comes back with a Web 2.0 flair. We have also made the platform more secure and thus can better secure our visitors data in a much more consistent and efficient manner. So, welcome back, and stay tuned.